MOA 8800
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Electronic Time Recorder

Product Name: Analog Time Recorder
Brand Name:MOA
Model Name:MOA-8800
Description:Back-up Battery

 - set day line change time freely
- high speed / low noise
- perpetual calendar
- function of daylight saving time
- 2 colors by dot matrix 9 pin printer to show date & time
- equipped with music melody or bell alarm with external connection
- equipped with auto feed and eject card mechanism
- double show by clock and LCD
- sensor with cover
- 24 sets of setting / color / column to give max. flexibility for various work schedule
- detector to identify the front and back portion of the monthly card
- punching speed : 25 punches / min 

General Specification
- 6 columns in / out print can be selected as auto-shift or manual
- 220V ~ 240V / 110V working power sauce
- 189mm x 86mm size of card
- weight 2.6Kg
- -20 C ~ 40 C temp. range
- 10% ~ 80% RH humidity range

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